Board Meetings

The Housing Authority of the Township of Brick holds monthly commissioners meetings. These meetings are open to the public and all meetings take place in the community rooms of the buildings listed.

Board of Commissioners - 2022-2023 Schedule of Meetings

All meetings are held on the last Monday of each month unless otherwise noted.

Date Time Place
July 25th 6:30 PM Forge Pond
August 29th 6:30 PM George Conway
Spetember 26th 6:30 PM David M. Fried
October 24th* 6:30 PM Forge Pond
November 21st* 6:30 PM George Conway
January 30th 6:30 PM David M. Fried
February 27th 6:30 PM George Conway
March 27th 6:30 PM Forge Pond
April 24th 6:30 PM David M. Fried
May 22nd* 6:30 PM George Conway
June 26th
- Regular Meeting
- Public Hearing Budget
- Re-Organizational
6:30 PM

7:00 PM
David M. Fried

David M. Fried
July 31st 6:30 PM Forge Pond
2022-2023 Board Meetings

*-NOT held on the last Monday of the Month

Special Meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the Board of Commissioners. If necessary, due notice shall be given to the public and Township Clerk.

Virtual meetings can be viewed on the Brick Housing Authority Facebook page.